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twin_cities's Journal

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The Tale of Two Cities
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Welcome to the community for the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota! This journal is for anyone and everyone who lives in the Twin Cities or shares a special affinity for them. Membership is completely open, so join in the fun!

Your moderators are:

Some ground rules:
1. Keep it on topic. The topic? The Twin Cities. No, we're not going to be sticklers for geography. Minnesota-related stuff in general is fine. Not fine? Stuff that should go in your personal journal and political debate with no connection to Minnesota. No, "George Bush is the President of the United States and Minnesota is in the United States!" doesn't count. Neither does, "I live in the Twin Cities and I like xyz, therefore it's relevant!" Take a few minutes to think about what your post could have to do with the Twin Cities and surrounding area. If you make an off topic post you'll be asked by a moderator to edit it to bring it in line with this rule. If you don't comply or if there's really no logical way you could do so, the post will be deleted.

2. Got stuff for sale or an apartment for rent? Have a business like a retail shop or a yoga studio or whatever? Post it no more than twice. This is retroactive from the moment this update -- if you've posted about it 2+ times before, we'll delete the post. If there are no takers at that point there never will be/you've pimped your biz more than enough.

3. The two minute Google search rule: no posting questions that can be satisfied by a two minute Google (or similar) search. Examples include directions you could easily find online, "How late is the library open?" etc.

4. You can post for jobs, provided they are not "work from home" positions. Those will be deleted immediately.

5. No screening or blocking comments. What's the point of a discussion community if you're going to do that? Screened comments will be unscreened by the moderators. Posts with comments disabled will be deleted.

Not that we encourage tattling or anything like that, but if you see a violation that we've missed, feel free to let us know. We have day jobs and stuff.

Newcomers to the area or to the community may wish to check the memories before asking a question. New memories are being added as time allows and lots of good information resides within.

Problems? Contact the mods. Posting your problems to the community |= contacting the mods.

Have fun!

P.S. It's probably a waste of time to bitch about conformity. The mods think he's funny. Yes, that means he's an exception to the rules.

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