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Wild Zero and Mystery Science Theater 3000: Timechasers showing this Friday for FREE!

This Friday, Trash Film Debauchery will be returning once again with the Japanese space alien rock 'n roll zombie gorefest, WILD ZERO!

Ace, a wannabe rock star, is on his way to a Guitar Wolf concert when aliens invade the Earth. As a result the dead rise to their feet in the countryside setting of Asahi, Japan, with an appetite for flesh. Enlisting the help of Guitar Wolf, Ace and the members of the band get entangled in many misadventures with crazy rock managers in very tight shorts, transsexuals, naked women shooting guns in the shower, and bloodthirsty zombies ready to tear them apart. Leather jackets, loud over-modulated music, laser guitar picks, motorcycles, guns, muscle cars, and fire abound. Guitar Wolf (self-proclaimed coolest rock band in the world) star as the well-coiffed rock 'n roll heroes. It is also a touching love story. Quite possibly one of the greatest movies you will ever see.

CLICK for a Wild Zero trailer

Wild Zero will be showing at 8pm in the West Bank Auditorium in the basement of Willey Hall on the U of MN campus.
Here's a map:
Email TheresaKay@gmail.com if you need more details.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: TIMECHASERS following at 10pm

Following Wild Zero, TFD will be screening Mystery Science Theater 3000: Timechasers. I can't imagine i need to explain MST3K to anybody and Timechasers is one of the greatest episodes ever.

When plucky Nick Miller gets his ultra-light plane to travel through time, the future looks bright. He demonstrates the device to GenCorp and signs over the plans.
He takes new girlfriend, Lisa Henson, a journalist, on a trip into the future only to discover that TransCorp's CEO is using the machine for, you guessed it, evil.

CLICK for a Timechasers clip

MST3K: Timechasers will be showing at 10pm also in the West Bank Auditorium in the basement of Willey Hall on the U of MN campus.

Both movies are FREE and everyone is welcome.

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