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The Tale of Two Cities' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Tale of Two Cities

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Ad for Mystic Caverns, St Paul MN 1933 [16 Jun 2018|04:21pm]

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Warning - Deer Crossing [12 Oct 2016|01:47pm]

I live in Uptown/Lynn-lake and drive to work in Eden Prairie every day.

Yesterday I had to stop twice to let a few deer cross the road. It was beautiful, but others were going so fast they that one guy almost hit a deer. Beware people! It is Deer Crossing Season, and if you hit one it can total your car or worse! Be careful out there...
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Mpls Institute of Arts has some AMAZING exhibitions going on right now - and totally free!! [15 Apr 2016|08:35am]

Went to the Institute of Arts last night to see a special exhibition of a local guy who did illustrations for kids stories etc. in the 20's - 40's. It was AWESOME!!! This exhibition is only there until Sunday; I cannot recommend it highly enough!! And very kid accessable too!! I really hope they publish a book of his stuff, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!


There's also several other special exhibitions going on, and of course the amazing permanent collection.

And best of all, the entrance fee and most of the exhibitions (including this one) are entirely FREE!!!
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Curtis Hotel Complimentary Map of Twin Cities & Downtown Mpls., 1930's? [07 Mar 2015|12:10pm]


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Vintage Twin City Bus Routes - 1956/1957 [07 Mar 2015|12:07pm]


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Psychiatrists [28 May 2014|07:34am]

I am desperately looking for a psychiatrist in the Western suburbs or in Minneapolis.  I have no idea where to look and Google isn't coming up with anything useful.  Does anyone have a recommendation?
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[17 May 2014|09:22am]


Anybody know of a shop or independent artist who makes custom cut metal signs? Google is giving me mostly street sign-type vendors or large companies with suspicious websites.


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$520 F seeking F to fill 2nd bedroom in my apartment [14 Apr 2014|12:21am]

•Leah, 27 year old
•moved back to MN after living in Oregon for 4 years while going to law school
•2 cats -- Lily and Liam. They are very sweet and sleep a lot so they're quiet
•dream job: prosecute domestic violence and sex crimes
•hobbies: reading (crime/law-related books), Scrabble, other board games.
•612-730-0839; texts ONLY please

•Hornig requires you make 3x the rent or be a student or recent grad who can get a co-signer
•clean and respectful of common spaces
•no major partying at home
•seeking a friendship-like relationship rather than just 2 people living together

Apartment 2324 Bryant Ave S http://www.hornigcompanies.com/minneapolis/2324-bryant/:
•your portion of rent approximately $520 (865 total rent (you pay $432.50) + ~$15 water + 35.5 (internet/cable) + ~$15 electricity)
•1 free parking spot -- I don't drive so it's all yours
•coin-laundry on site
•between Hennepin and Lyndale so it's near multiple bus lines, coffee shops, and restaurants
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Satisfy my curiosity [06 Apr 2014|12:29am]

What IS the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience*?

*now at MOA
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Old Twin Cities Photos - Union Strike [03 Nov 2013|07:37pm]

Came across these while scanning tons of old family negatives - not sure where in the Twin Cities this was, but it was definitely either Mpls or St Paul:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Collapse )
crossposted at randompictures
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Therapists with Eating Disorder Experience [04 Oct 2013|02:32am]

I am looking for a therapist with experience with binge eating/obesity.  It would also help if s/he has experience with autism.
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hayrides? [01 Oct 2013|10:53pm]

hey all, can anyone recommend/discuss the merits of local haunted hayrides?
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Interviewing someone [26 Aug 2013|02:56pm]

I need to interview someone whose career is in either technical communication or professional writing or something related or some aspect of your job does those two things.  I am doing it for a class for my degree in that field.  It would probably be easier if we just emailed, so if any of you think you fit and want to do it please respond.
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Alarm companies [20 Jul 2013|05:32pm]

Hi, I just want to say that I've had my EIGHTH burglary in 10 years in this house and I am really fucking sick of it. Can I say that here? I don't care.

So... recommedations for alarm companies/systems? I have Vivint. I pay them $50/month. My alarm was SET, motion sensors on, and this person walked right in front of it at least twice without it going off. I know for a fact it was on because I triggered it when I came down stairs in the morning.
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Therapists who can help [28 Jun 2013|02:38am]

I am looking for a new therapist who can help me with my biggest problem which is a fear of success and self-sabotage.  Does anyone know of a good therapist who is good at dealing with this.  Plus points if they deal with people with Asperger's.
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Last day for bidding! [16 Jun 2013|10:26am]

The HUGE Hangout Auction ends today! This is your final chance to bid on any of our 58 auctions to raise funds for HUGE Improv Theater, a local all-improv nonprofit theater in Uptown.

Auctions include such amazing things as a murder mystery dinner, a round of golf at the TPC Twin Cities, laughter yoga, a gay/straight bar crawl, and an improvised tour of the University of Minnesota, among other incredible things!

Check it out here!
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Third Annual HUGE Hangout Auction! [09 Jun 2013|08:29pm]

The Third Annual HUGE Hangout Auction is live on eBay! From Sunday, June 9 through Saturday, June 15, lucky bidders will be able to bid on a whole host of amazing auctions with improvisers and community members! This year's auctions include karaoke, a magical picnic, baking with math, a gay/straight bar crawl, and so much more! Check it out here!

All proceeds from this auction will go to HUGE Improv Theater, an artist-led non-profit dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities improv community through performance and education. Located at 3037 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55408, HUGE is the only all-longform improv theater in the Twin Cities. The winning bid amount is a tax-deductible charitable contribution, and the auction winner will receive a receipt for tax purposes.
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[09 Jun 2013|08:08pm]

Inspired by the post asking for good Indian restaurants...

I am in Paris right now and fell in love with the pastries here. Anyone know of a good French bakery in the twin cities? The more authentic, the better.
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Poetry Readings??? [08 Jun 2013|09:33pm]

I need to go to some sort of reading, poetry if possible, for my writing class, but I don't know where to go.   I looked on the Loft but I need to get this done by the 23rd of June and there aren't any that I can afford or are the right thing I'm looking for.  Does anyone know of another place I can look?
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Indian Food [08 Jun 2013|05:30pm]

So, the last time I asked about Indian food, I was unanimously pointed to Ghandi Mahal. In my web searches, it always comes up as the best. I can only assume it's gone drastically downhill in the past year.

The first time I went there it was pretty good but not as good as Natraj used to be. The second time, it was downright bland (I mean it was hot, sure, but not flavorful). Then I went there again this past week, and not only was the food bland, the waitress IGNORED me. She took my order and never came back... even though the place was half empty and she had the table next to mine as well. I came closer than I ever have to pulling a "dine & dash," but I eventually flagged down another server for the check.

So I'm looking for a new favorite Indian place. Ideas? Some place that knows there are other seasonings besides hot peppers and might actually bring me a glass of water now and then?
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